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Team B.A.B.E. Athletics is a women’s endurance team (running, swimming, cycling, duathlon and triathlon). Our badass family is open to women of all ages, sizes and abilities! Team B.A.B.E. wants all women, regardless of their location, number of instagram followers or preferred race distance to have the opportunity to be part of an amazing team. To have the support of fellow female athletes and know that some awesome badass chicks have your back is just one benefit you will get when joining Team B.A.B.E. Athletics.

Other Team B.A.B.E. perks: a members-only group, training resources, accountability partners, exclusive Team B.A.B.E. merchandise, team challenges, giveaways, special discounts, exclusive events, motivation meetups and much more. Plus, a group of new badass friends with similar interests. 

Are you already on a team?  Awesome, you go girl! You can still be a member of Team B.A.B.E. You can race and train in any kit as a member of Team B.A.B.E. For us, it is not about what you are wearing. Team B.A.B.E. is about empowering women to be a badass everyday by creating a community of strong women from around the globe who support each other in life and sport!​



Coral, you are the BEST COACH EVER! Love all the support you give outside of exercising and training. ❤️❤️❤️

April R.

CoralI am so thankful for what this year has brought with you in my life.

Jacqueline C.



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