Tips for Multi-Sport Athletes (Swimming, Cycling, Running, Triathlon, Duathlon)

Do you live in a cold climate and have an early season race? Or don’t have access to Open Water to practice the swim? These tips are for you and how to best prep for an open water swim in the pool. 

1) Incorporate some sighting work into your warm up or training drills.
You can do this by sighting with another person, a water bottle, a chair, an umbrella, something at the end of your lane. You want to do this so your muscles can get used to this new motion. A fun game is to have a person at the other end of the pool hold up a number of fingers and you have to sight the number. 

2) Practice bi-lateral breathing.
Many swimmers have a favorite side for breathing. Unfortunately, the waves don’t always only come from the side you want them on. Be prepared to breathe on both sides. You can swim 50 on one side and 50 on the other, breathe every 3/5/7 strokes… Just get comfortable breathing on both sides. 

3) Practice swimming around a lot of people.
Hit the pool at a busy time and work on sharing a lane with other people. You can also grab some friends and practice swimming super close together that way you get in some close contact swim time. Lots of swimmer love happening. This will help you be prepared so you aren’t panicking when you are around lots of people. 

Have a conservative swim start. If you have a wave start and are concerned about too many people a good strategy is to start towards the back and outside. This will not put you right in the middle of things so will lessen the number of people around you.

If you are in the Clearwater, FL area come check out the open water swim sessions we hold at Clearwater Beach. It is co-hosted by the Outspokin Multi-sport Team & Open Water Swim Leo.

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