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Team B.A.B.E. Membership

Are you looking to join a team of badass women that support and inspire each other? Do you want to increase your knowledge and take your training to the next level? 

Team B.A.B.E. Athletics has exactly what you are looking for! Check out the perks and membership options below of our group training program. 

Athlete training Plans

Is 1-on-1 coaching more your style? Or are you looking to train for a specific event and want a custom training plan created based on your experience and fitness levels?

The Team B.A.B.E. coaches will build a custom comprehensive training plan just for you with your race goals, fitness level and busy schedule in mind.

TEAM B.A.B.E. athletics Coaching

Team B.A.B.E. offers several athlete coaching programs. This allows you to choose the plan that best fits your training needs and budget. To register for coaching please send us a message using the form at the bottom of this page. 

custom training plans

A custom training plan designed just for you and your race goals. Our certified coaches will work with you to develop a plan to fit your life and your badass goals! From sprint tri to IRONMAN, 5k to ultra marathon – we’ll get you there with a custom Team B.A.B.E. training plan. 

Custom Plans begin at $89


team b.a.b.e. Custom Coaching – basic

Looking for 1-on-1 guidance as you prep for you race? We’ve got you covered. Includes custom training plan with monthly adjustment, monthly coaching call, and more! 


team b.a.b.e.

Custom Coaching – unlimited

Got goals? The Unlimited Plan is for you! Remain in constant contact with your USAT/IRONMAN certified coach to help you cover all the bases as you prep for the big day. Includes custom training plan with unlimited adjustments, premium TrainingPeaks account, daily feedback on workouts, race strategy session, and much more.


Coaching Philosophy

Badass women are busy women – we get it and live it, too! Sport should enhance your life rather than be yet another stressor. As such, we work with you to craft a custom training plan that fits your life and will get you to your goals in the most efficient manner possible.


Whether you geek out over training data or prefer to leave the number crunching to us, we will meet you where you’re at and help you get the most out of your training time. Aside from getting the miles in, Coach Coral and Coach Rae will work with you to develop your mental game, work on form and efficiency, and adjust as needed to keep you on track.


Get in touch with us for a free athlete assessment! We’d love to answer any questions you have about coaching, training, or what it looks like for you to achieve your impossible.


Team B.A.B.E. Athletics Custom Coaching Tiers

Wondering what the difference is between all of our badass coaching options? Check out this kickass table that lays it all out for you!


CoralI am so thankful for what this year has brought with you in my life.

Jacqueline C.

Great group for motivation!!

Allison J.

Coral, you are the BEST COACH EVER! Love all the support you give outside of exercising and training. ❤️❤️❤️

April R.

Team B.A.B.E. Membership Perks

Team B.A.B.E. Athletics is a women’s endurance team (running, swimming, cycling, duathlon and triathlon). Our badass family is open to women of all ages, sizes and abilities! Team B.A.B.E. wants all women, regardless of their location, number of Instagram followers or preferred race distance to have the opportunity to be part of an amazing team. To have the support of fellow female athletes and know that some awesome badass chicks have your back is just one benefit you will get when joining Team B.A.B.E. Athletics.

Other Team B.A.B.E. Athletics membership perks:


At Team B.A.B.E. we pride ourselves on our community. We truly are one badass family of women that supports and inspires each other. We are welcoming to all female athletes regardless of your age, location, size, preferred race length or racing ability.

Exclusive Merchandise

Not only will you have access to the most badass team kit, but you will also have access to exclusive merchandise and receive special discounts too. 

Who knows you might even get some amazing swag along the away! 

Training Resources

Every month we will focus on a key part of endurance sport training. We  break it down so things are easy to understand, give you tips to work on and have an Ask the Coach session to answer any questions you may have. 
Plus, as a member you will be able to go review past trainings and take advantage of those sessions as well. 

We also offer 2 annual training camps; one in the US and one overseas!


Virtual Motivation Meetups

Twice a month join the team online for our virtual motivation meetup as we all gather to chat about our upcoming races, training progress, challenges and more.  

Team Challenges

Every month we host a fun team challenge and virtual race event. You won’t want to miss out on this crazy addition to your training plan. 


Accountability Partners

Find the perfect accountability partner for your training season amongst your fellow BABES. We also offer training check-ins in our members-only group. 

Monthly Team Membership Plan

Put your membership on a monthly payment plan. 

Sign-up fee: $0

Monthly: $25


Annual Team Memembership Plan

Pay for your membership in one installment and save.

Sign-up fee: $0

12 Months: $199
(Plus, the free trial month so really 13 months!) 

Join the team

You can choose from a monthly or annual payment plan.
Payment Options

Your First Month is on Us

Give our badass family a try. We know you will love us!


IF I am already on a Team can I Join Team B.a.b.e.?

Awesome, you go girl! Yes, you can still be a member of Team B.A.B.E. You can race and train in any kit as a member of Team B.A.B.E. For us, it is not about what you are wearing. Team B.A.B.E. is about empowering women to be a badass everyday by creating a community of strong women from around the globe who support each other in life and sport!​

Are beginner athletes eligible for the team?

Yes, Team B.A.B.E. accepts women of all abilities to the team. Team B.A.B.E. is about empowering women to be a badass everyday by creating a community of strong women from around the globe who support each other in life and sport!​

Are Elite athletes eligible for the team?

Yes, Team B.A.B.E. accepts women of all abilities to the team. Team B.A.B.E. is about empowering women to be a badass everyday by creating a community of strong women from around the globe who support each other in life and sport!​

Is there a fee to join the team?

Yes, there is a minimal fee to join the team. You can sign up for an annual membership for $199 or pay a monthly fee of $19. Please note with the monthly payment plan there is a sign up fee of $35. There is NOT a sign up fee when you choose the annual membership. 

These fees help cover our business expenses, pay guest presenters and pay our coaches. 


Is tEam B.A.B.E. only for long distance sports?

No, we provide coaching for all race distances. From a 5k to Ultras we are all inclusive, so pick your favorite race length and we will help you rock it! 


Do I need to live nearby to join?

No, you do not have to live in a certain location. Team B.A.B.E. is a virtual team of women from all over the globe. Our trainings, resources, meetups and challenges are all held online. 

We may try to plan physical meetups at popular races, but our team is based on a tight knit virtual community. 




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