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The initial idea for Team B.A.B.E. Athletics was conceived during the 2018 Triathlon Brand Ambassador season. (You know the months of September & October when ALL of the brands are having athletes submit ambassador applications and then only choose a handful of people in the end?)  

After seeing so many amazing female athletes not get selected by their favorite brands because they didn’t fit the brand image, were the average athlete or didn’t have enough instagram followers we thought, “Why isn’t there a team that supports ALL female athletes, has a badass vibe and provides a kickass family of support?

 After a couple of months of planning and working out details Team B.A.B.E. Athletics launched in March 2019. We can’t wait to see where this journey takes us and build a badass team of amazing women! 



“A B.A.B.E. has the wings of victory 🦅, the heart of an athlete ❤️ and the fire of a badass 🔥”

“Finally, A badass Multi-sport Team Just for women where you are Welcome regardless of your Size, ability, age or number of instagram followers.”

Do you know what B.A.B.E. stands for?



Be A Badass Everyday

Be a Badass Everyday

Average women Being extraordinary

Team B.A.B.E. Athletics is founded on the concept that average women are athletes too! By getting up off the couch and making the extraordinary choice to push our selves to the next level and lead an active lifestyle we choose to … 
“Be A Badass Everyday” aka B.A.B.E.   

“Bio coming soon.”

Coach Coral Owen

“Bio coming soon.”

Coach Rae Walaska